According to the NAIA, entering freshmen must meet two of the following three criteria:

1. Achieve a minimum of 18 on the Enhanced ACT or 860 on the SAT

2. Have a minimum of a 2.0 high school grade point average

3. Have graduated in the top half of the high school graduating class

  • All incoming student athletes must be registered and cleared by the NAIA Eligibility Center www.playnaia.org 
  • Each athlete must register and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the fall and spring semesters and be enrolled as a full time day student. There may be an occasion where a “night” class may be taken. Student-athletes must check with their coaches before scheduling such classes. IMPORTANT: Dropping below 12 hours will automatically render you ineligible for that particular semester and result in the possible forfiture of games!
  • All student-athletes must have passed 24 hours in the previous two semesters in order to be eligible to compete in any semester. Up to 12 hours earned during the summer may be applied to the 24 hour rule. Summer credits must be earned after one or both of the two immediately previous terms of attendance.
  • Upon reaching junior academic standing at Loyola, a student-athlete must have attained a cumulative 2.0 grade point average at Loyola and maintain that average as senior status is attained.
  • To play a 3rd season of competition, a student-athlete must have earned at least 48 hours and to play a 4th season must have earned at least 72 hours.
  • Repeat Courses: There are special rules for repeat courses, depending on the grade earned as to whether or not it can be counted towards the 24 hour rule. Athletes must check with their respective coaches for clarification.
  • The student-athlete must be making normal progress toward a recognized baccalaureate degree and maintain the minimum grade point average as defined by the institution and the NAIA.
  • Graduating seniors may not be required to carry 12 hours in the semester in which they graduate. Athletes must check with their respective coaches.
  • Competing as an unattached athlete: On occasion a student athlete in an individual sport may have the opportunity to compete as an "unattached athlete" in a competition.
  • While enrolled as a full-time collegiate student at Loyola, a student
    will not be charged a season of competition based on participation as an unattached student-athlete. A student is considered to be competing as an unattached student-athlete if the following seven criteria are met:
    1. A coach or representative of the athletics department does not enter the student(s) in the event;
    2. Loyola or its representative does not provide transportation to the event, from the event, or at the event;
    3. Loyola or its representative does not provide meals or housing to the student(s) with regard to the event;
    4. The student(s) does not wear any Loyola uniform nor use the Loyola’s name in the event;
    5. Student(s) competing “unattached” are not covered by Loyola's institutional athletic insurance;
    6. Student(s) are made aware that they are not covered by institutional athletic insurance; and
    7. All competition and participation must conform to NAIA amateur status regulations.
  • When participating in study abroad programs, students should be advised that classes taken while abroad may not count toward academic progress.  Student athletes should consult with their respective coach and eligibility staff to plan accordingly.  
  • Any questions regarding eligibility should be referred to the your head coach or Coach Angela Franke (eligibility coordinator).

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