Loyola University plays its home basketball and volleyball games in the University Sports Complex (USC/The Den) on campus. Baseball plays its games at Bayou Segnette Field ( Westwego). Tennis plays their home matches at the City Park Pepsi Tennis Center.    

The University Sports Complex has a plethora of fitness machines and two weight rooms. One has a variety of weight “machines” and another has free weights. Athletes are encouraged to use the weight rooms regularly in accordance with their respective sports and coaches. Athletes may use the facility after or before hours only in the presence of their respective coach(es) and/or athletic training staff. Do not attempt to enter the Complex unless your coach is present while the facility is closed.  Student-athletes must cooperate with all the standard rules of the Sports Complex at all times.  Student athletes should show respect to the University Sports Complex staff by producing student identification to enter the facility as requested.  For before/after hour practices or team activites, facility doors should never be compromised by leaving them unlocked, ajar, etc.  Non-participants should not be allowed in the facility during times when it would normally be closed.

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