Loyola Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame honors those in Loyola's past who have either made history or contributed greatly to their sport. The criteria for selection include integrity, sportsmanship, and character. The Hall of Fame was created in 1964. After Loyola disbanded its program in 1972, the Hall of Fame did not return until the intercollegiate athletic program was re-instated in 1991-92. Those in the Hall of Fame include Olympic record setters, coaches of national championship teams, school recordholders, and a host of fine athletes and coaches who represented Loyola with excellence. To submit a nominee, please download the form.

The Hall of Fame Founders Club was established to enshrine the legacy of Loyola Athletics. To join the Hall of Fame Founders Club, contact (504) 864-PACK.

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Hall of Fame Inductees

Inducted May, 1964
Inducted May, 1965
Inducted May, 1967
 Inducted November 20, 1993
 Inducted February 18, 1995
Inducted January 20, 1996
Inducted November 15, 1996
Inducted November 15, 1997
Inducted February 6, 1999
Inducted February 26, 2000
Inducted February 17, 2001
Inducted January 19, 2002
Inducted February 8, 2003
Inducted February 28, 2004
Inducted February 19, 2005
Inducted February 10, 2007
Inducted February, 2008
Inducted February 28, 2009
Inducted February 20, 2010
Inducted February 5, 2011

 Inducted January 28, 2012

Inducted January 19, 2013




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