Loyola track and field knocks down three records at USA Invitational

Sat, 04/13/2013

Mario Ramirez was part of the 4 man team that broke the 4x400 school mark

(Mobile, Alabama) Loyola University New Orleans track and field team upends three school records on Saturday afternoon at the University of South Alabama Invitational at Jaguar track.

Another day of running for the Loyola track team resulted in fallen records. The team has taken down 14 school records heading into the USA Invitational.

Annie Hills broke the record she set last weekend in the 1500 meter run by running the race in 4:59.75. Last weekend at the Mississippi College Twilight Invitational Hills set the school record with a time of 5:00.40. Hills took fifth place at the meet.

On the men’s side, Piero Ramirez took down the record in the 400 meter race. Ramirez ran a time of 51.64 which barely surpassed the school mark of 51.69 which Daniel Afandar set in 2010.

Ramirez was also part of the Men’s 4x400 team which broke the school record as well. The team of Claude Nelson, Piero Ramirez, Mario Ramirez, and Mark Robinson put up a time of 3:34.51 which took down the mark of 3:35.46 which M. Ramirez, P. Ramirez, Nelson, and William Maye set at the Louisiana Classics meet earlier this year.

Paul Freese posted a time of 9:20.93 in the 3000 meter race which placed him fourth at the meet.

Loyola track and field will return to action on Friday, April 19th for the Southeastern Invitational in Hammond, Louisiana.


Women's 100m Dash:
Rolle, Amanda : 13.89
Tortorich, Sarah : DNS

Women's 200m Dash:
Johnson, Candace: 27.59
Derganz Baker, Raquel: 27.87
Rolle, Amanda : 29.20
Tortorich, Sarah : DNS

Women's 400m Dash:
Derganz Baker, Raquel: 1:03.53
Johnson, Candace: 1:05.57

Women's 800m Run:
Powell, Denise: 2:30.96
Larson, Emma: 2:32.49
Hills, Annie: 2:36.13
Williams, Jessica: DNS

Women's 1,500m Run:
Hills, Annie: 4:59.75
Powell, Denise: 5:20.52
Vaccaro, Francesca: 5:30.51
Gienger, Elizabeth : 5:48.81

Women's 3,000m Run:
Vaccaro, Francesca: 11:45.98
Gienger, Elizabeth : 12:03.91

Women's 100m High Hurdles:
Givnish, Laura : 20.04

Women's 400m Intermediate Hurdles:
Augustine, Harley: 1:12.22
Givnish, Laura : 1:22.12

Women's 4 x 400m Relay:
Candace Johnson,Sara Tortorich,Raquel Derganz Baker,Harley Augustine: 4:19.53

Women's High Jump:
Augustine, Harley: NH

Women's Long Jump:
Givnish, Laura : 4:08m

Women's Shot Put:
Guzman, Christina : 10.62m
Daniels, Maya: 9.50m

Women's Discus Throw:
Guzman, Christina : 23.27m
Daniels, Maya: 16.14m

Women's Javelin:
Gross, Jackie: 25.28m

Men's 100m Dash:
Nelson, Claude: 11.52m
Robinson, Mark: 12.08m

Men's 200m Dash:
Nelson, Claude: 22.95
Ramirez, Mario: 24.10
Robinson, Mark: 24.43
Ramirez, Piero: 26.88

Men's 400m Dash:
Ramirez, Piero: 51.64
Ramirez, Mario: 52.82
Maye, William: DNS

Men's 800m Run:
Maye, William : 2:08.79
Bock, Peyton : 2:12.15

Men's 1,500m Run:
Freese, Paul: 4:16.16
Perez, Moises: 4:17.85
Malbrue, Jonathan : 4:27.56
Bock, Peyton : 4:29.53
Corso, Mike: DNS
Gerbracht, Henry : DNS

Men's 3,000m Run:
Freese, Paul: 9:20.93
Perez, Moises: 9:45.81
Malbrue, Jonathan : 9:47.37
Corso, Mike: DNS
Gerbracht, Henry : DNS

Men's 4 x 400m Relay:
Claude Nelson, Piero Ramirez, Mario Ramirez, Mark Robinson: 3:34.51

Men's High Jump:
Maye, William : NH

Men's Shot Put:
Flores, Carlos: 10.41m

Men's Discus Throw:
Flores, Carlos: 26.41m

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