Loyola volleyball team rallies for a reason

Mon, 10/14/2013

(New Orleans, La.) The Loyola University New Orleans volleyball team hosted its inaugural domestic violence awareness match on Friday, Oct. 4 during their home contest versus Bethel University in The Den.

While October is typically known for pink, the team dedicated their efforts to domestic violence awareness, a cause that shares the fall month with commitments to publicizing the fight against breast cancer. Wolf Pack junior Lauren Brand spearheaded the team’s efforts in order to raise awareness and educate the Loyola community at large.

“Unfortunately, domestic violence is prevalent in our society today,” said Brand. “We raised awareness for a cause that has often been overlooked. Just making people think about the cause was worth all the time and effort that went into putting this event together.”

Many are unaware that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, thus the team took pride in spreading an important message and urging others to focus more consciously on a serious matter. Flyers and pamphlets were distributed as well as ribbons to be donned in support of awareness and as a display of solidarity. Wolf Pack fans were encouraged to wear lavender and teal in promotion of this cause.

“It was great to look out into the crowd and see the ribbons,” Brand added. “I felt that we had made a difference and started a tradition for future Loyola volleyball players to continue.”

According to Brand, the match not only served as an educational tool, but a source of camaraderie.

“Personally, I learned that we have a great support system in our team, the athletic department, the University and the community,” Brand reflected. “The outpouring of support and help we received solidified that we are surrounded by pretty amazing people.”

Brand and the Loyola volleyball team would like to thank co-coordinator Kara Nishimuta, the Family Justice Center of New Orleans, Savannah Hoffman and the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children, Kati Bambrick and Roy Wygart of Tulane's Domestic Violence Clinic, the Women's Resource Center and the Bethel University volleyball team.


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