Loyola women's tennis eliminated in GCAC Tournament

Fri, 04/30/2010

NEW ORLEANS, La. – The Loyola University New Orleans women's tennis team's season ended on Friday, losing 5-0 against No. 25 Spring Hill in the opening round of the GCAC Tournament.

Claire Landry took the first set in No. 1 singles for Loyola, 6-1, but was unable to finish after Spring Hill clinched the match with a win in No. 5 singles. After dropping the first set in No.2 singles, Hannah Neal took a 3-2 lead before the match was called.

Loyola finished with four wins and eleven losses in their first season back since the 1990's. The Wolfpack came in fifth in the regular season GCAC standings.

The results of the match are as follows:

No. 1 — Paige Malone-Alex Tovar (SHC) d. Claire Landry-Katie Beargie (LU) 8-4.
No. 2 — Caroline Hitt-Allison Symulevich (SHC) d. Frances Bonnin-Hannah Neal (LU) 8-0.
No. 3 — McCall Hedrick-Tara Montegut (SHC) d. Frances Sweeney-Rachel Crump (LU) 8-1.

No. 1 — Paige Malone (SHC) vs. Claire Landry (LU), did not finish . . . Landry led 6-1, 1-1.
No. 2 — McCall Hedrick (SHC) vs. Hannah Neal (LU), did not finish . . . Hedrick won first set 6-0, Neal led second set 3-2.
No. 3 — Lynne Fritscher (SHC) vs. Katie Beargie (LU), did not finish . . . Fritscher led 6-0, 2-1.
No. 4 — Allison Symulevich (SHC) vs. Frances Bonnin (LU), did not finish . . . Symulevich led 6-1, 3-0.
No. 5 — Shelby Fritscher (SHC) d. Frances Sweeney (LU) 6-0, 6-0.
No. 6 — Caroline Hitt (SHC) d. Rachel Crump (LU) 6-0, 6-0.
**Results courtesy of Xavier Sports Information


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